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Frequently Asked Questions

Explore Road Aider FAQs: Your Go-To Resource for Quick Answers and Informed Assistance.

  • What does Road Aider membership cover?
    Road Aider membership provides comprehensive roadside assistance, including services such as towing, jump starts, tire changes, and fuel delivery. Additionally, members enjoy exclusive discounts at various establishments across North America. 2 Roadside Assistance Calls. 24/7 Nationwide Coverage. Towing up to 100km. Priority Assistance Dispatch. Discounts on automotive services. Member Perks from 200,000+ locations across North America
  • How do I request roadside assistance through Road Aider?
    Requesting assistance is easy! Simply use our user-friendly mobile app or call our 24/7 hotline. Provide your membership details and location, and we'll dispatch help promptly. You can also track the service in real-time through the app.
  • Can I add or remove vehicles from my membership?
    Absolutely! Road Aider membership follows our members and not their vehicles. Our members are covered regardless of whichever vehicle they are in. When you request for help, you have to be with the vehicle and show your membership card. You can also add multiple vehicles on the App.
  • Do Road Aider memberships include coverage for rental cars?
    Yes, our membership plan includes coverage for rental cars provided a member is in the Car. This ensures that whether you're driving your own vehicle or a rental, you're covered by Road Aider's reliable roadside assistance services.
  • How does the exclusive member discount program work?
    As a Road Aider member, you gain access to exclusive discounts at partner establishments across North America. Simply present your Road Aider membership card or use the app to redeem these special offers. Explore the Member Benefits section to discover the savings waiting for you.
  • What makes Road Aider different from other roadside assistance services?
    Road Aider stands out for its commitment to the perfect intersection of savings and safety. Our prompt and reliable roadside assistance is complemented by exclusive member benefits, creating a holistic experience for individuals, families, and businesses. We are the only auto membership platform that provides discounted Mobile Auto Services for members. Join Road Aider for a journey where your peace of mind is our priority.
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