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You Need to Upgrade Your Employee Benefits.

Updated: Jan 27

As an employer, you want your employees to enjoy and care about the work they are doing. However, it is beyond optimistic to believe that people are going to ignore what is going on in their personal lives while they are at work. In fact, even the workplace itself can be a chronic stressor for employees, as 3 in every 5 Canadian employees currently experience work-related stress.

Benefits are investments that help both you and your employees. When done correctly, not only do they help reduce any mental burdens on employees by minimizing their worries, it also demonstrates a sincere concern from employers, thereby alleviating both personal and work-related stress.

While the importance of employee benefits can not be ignored, employers are still struggling on implementing the right plans. Here are three reasons why Road Aider memberships are the perfect employee benefit.

Emergency Aid: Roadside Assistance

Even with the necessary precautions taken, vehicle disruptions can happen to anyone at any time. Millions of people lock their keys in their car annually, and the average driver experiences a car breakdown once every three years. Majority of Canadians use their car for commuting and travelling for pleasure, any stress caused from their vehicle can carry into their workplace and affect productivity. With Road Aider, employees have roadside assistance calls for protection when it comes to towing, lockouts, battery issues and more.

Revitalized Rides: Premium Detailing 

Providing your employees with our premium detailing services is an excellent method to boost workplace morale. A dirty and cluttered car creates an overwhelming and stressful environment for employees to be in regularly. Furthermore, detailing is financially beneficial for employees as well, as it helps in maintaining their vehicle's value.

Unmatched Value: Member Discounts

With Road Aider, your employees can experience continuous value beyond the road. Members enjoy discounts and perks at our extensive network of partner companies, ensuring they can regularly take advantage of their benefits.

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For more information on Road Aider and our memberships, visit

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