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What to Pack in a Car Emergency Bag

Updated: Jan 4

Are you prepared for the unexpected? It's important to have an emergency bag in your car, in case of unforeseen events such as a breakdown or an accident. With the right items, you'll be able to handle these situations with ease and peace of mind.

  1. A flashlight and extra batteries are essential. If you find yourself stranded in the dark, a flashlight will be a lifesaver. 

  2. It's also important to have a first aid kit on hand, in case of injuries.

  3. Jumper cables are another must-have item. If your car battery dies, jumper cables will allow you to get back on the road quickly. 

  4. A blanket will also come in handy, in case of cold weather.You should also pack water and non-perishable snacks, in case of a long wait for help. 

  5. A cell phone charger, in case you need to call for assistance. Reflective triangles or road flares will help you signal for help and make your vehicle visible to other drivers.

  6. A basic tool kit will allow you to make minor repairs to your vehicle. A spare tire and jack should also be included, in case of a flat tire. 

  7. Lastly, it's important to have emergency contact information and important documents (insurance, registration) in your emergency bag.

  8. Have Road Aider downloaded on your phone. That way no matter the situation you can be sure that help will be on its way in a timely, safe and cheap manner.

By having an emergency bag in your car, you'll be prepared for any situation. Don't wait until it's too late, start putting together your emergency bag today.

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