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A Solution That Continues to be Overlooked Amidst Canada’s Labour Shortage

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Canada currently finds itself in a substantial labour shortage, as employers struggle to find candidates to fill up the various positions which are open. According to a survey conducted by Harris Poll, 74% of employers experienced labour shortages in 2022, while 75% expected to face hiring challenges this year as a result.

With employers having trouble finding candidates with the desired qualifications, some have had to compromise by hiring employees that do not meet the specific criteria.

Bringing in new talent is a major problem on its own, but employers are struggling to retain existing employees as well. Employee turnover continues to rise, as workers know their worth and will accept offers from companies which meet their standards in terms of salary and benefits.

Therefore, it is crucial for organizations to differentiate themselves in order to stick out to potential candidates. One noteworthy method of achieving differentiation is by incorporating unique employee benefits.

A survey completed by Royal Bank of Canada found that 70% of employees are likely to leave their job when offered additional benefits by another employer. This emphasizes the importance of offering perks that employees actually want when it comes to attracting new talent.

Despite the clear need for a change in benefit packages, 62% of Canadian employers claimed they had no intention of changing their employee benefits this year.

A perfect example of a unique benefit to attract new talent would be Road Aiders new memberships. Offering roadside assistance is beneficial to employees as it provides them the peace of mind they need when driving to work and back during the winter. Members are also able to enjoy various discounts and experiences at Road Aiders partner companies.

If you are interested in learning more about how Road Aider can transform your benefit packages, contact

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