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More Than Just Roadside Assistance

“When it comes to our partnerships, it's literally direct cash in your wallet. We're saving you on the actual raw number you're paying. We try to go after things that Canadians actually care about”.

A Road Aider subscription offers value that goes beyond just roadside assistance. In the April issue of Roadside Conversations we sat down with Sean (VP of Operations) to shed more light on the real value of Road Aider for individuals and for companies.

Road Aider has offerings for individuals and for companies. Can you tell us more about that?

For individuals, we offer roadside assistance at their fingertips with a comprehensive benefit and perk package. Right now, we're in a period of time where inflation is growing all over the world, but especially in Canada. A lot of young people are facing the crunch. When our customers have a roadside assistance issue, they don’t have to fork out hundreds of dollars to get a tow truck or another service. They can trust our great team to take care of them and we're developing the first real tech product that's addressing the transparency and service level issues Canadians are facing. If a customer uses one of our roadside assistance packages, they get up to one hundred kilometers of towing completely free with each call. Canadians drive a lot and it's quite easy to get caught up having a roadside assistance event that is outside their coverage range.

We get a lot of customers saying, “Hey, I want my roadside assistance to do more for me. I don't really notice it's there. I have it, but I use it once every 5 years”. For them, they want to have something that's more impactful on their lives. We've come in, and put a lot of effort  into understanding our members’ needs: “What type of discounts are they looking for?”, “Where do we need to find them?”. We go after gas stations in the local area, coffee shops, and services where our customers already spend their money. 

We're there to alleviate the pressure with our dynamic product offerings on the discount and perks side.

Is it the same for companies?

When it comes to companies, we provide value by increasing productivity. We leverage our great consumer offerings to help the individuals that make up the workforce of a company. In order to be productive, companies need to take care of their employees. Part of that is providing unique and compelling incentives for employees. There is a huge amount of HR spending that happens in North America on maintaining employee health and all of these different things to increase employee satisfaction. You’ve got your classics with health care and other standard benefits, but for small businesses or mid-market companies, those employees are really quite concerned about roadside assistance.

These companies can't afford to bring super dynamic health packages and benefit packages in, but they still want to reward their employees and allow them to feel safe. What we can do with Road Aider is offer that by providing Road Aider’s coverage as a larger package for their employees.

We also do fleet services as well. We’ve got a couple of companies that manage smaller fleets, and we help them with their logistics operations when it comes to maintenance and roadside assistance.

Where can individuals go to make use of Road Aider’s services?

Individuals who want to make use of our roadside assistance services can go on the website and sign up there. They can go check out the packages to see what comes with each package and set up an account. Once we get them on to the benefits platform, they can start receiving news about road data updates on the app that's coming out soon!

Is it the same for companies?

The best way for a company to reach out to us is to email us at That goes straight into our executive inbox, and we can come and take a look at what the company might be looking for. We want to make sure that what we're offering is the right fit for the people who are coming to us.

Can packages be tailored for a company, anywhere in Canada?

Yes, especially when it comes to the perks side. We can operate all that on a much more tailored basis. With the location, we cover all the provinces of Canada.

How do partnerships like the ones that Road Aider has with many retailers around Canada help? 

When it comes to our partnerships, it's literally direct cash in your wallet. We're saving you on the actual raw number you're paying. We try to go after things that Canadians actually care about. People don't want discounts on stuff that they don't intend on buying. So we're trying to get in front of the things that are affecting Canadians the most when it comes to inflation.

Anything to look forward to in the near future?

Our Road Aider App is about to have a big update for Road Aider members this month, bringing more power and control to their fingertips. We are going to relaunch it to the public again shortly after! We are also diligently exploring more specialized support for Electric Vehicle owners!

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