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Meet Road Aider’s Technology Manager, Tanjeeb Alam

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“Pricing and the delays in dispatch in roadside assistance are a problem in Canada that Road Aider is solving. A problem that’s never been solved before.”

Meet Road Aider’s technology manager, Tanjeeb Alam. A University of Calgary alumnus, he holds a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science and a Master of Engineering in Electrical and Computer Engineering. He has experience in diverse fields and is a seasoned tech professional. He is currently the champion of Road Aider’s tech product, and in this article we get to know a bit about what’s gone into his success and what drives him.


Tell us a little bit about yourself?

My name is Tanjeeb and I am the technology manager at Road Aider. Right before working as a machine learning developer I worked as a software engineer at a Tokyo-based tech company. Having worked there for two months, I was promoted to team lead. I managed a team of six software engineers and it was also there where I cultivated the necessary managerial skill set for my current role.

Between my roles as a software engineer and machine learning developer, I was also a graduate teaching assistant at the University of Calgary, teaching and taking courses that help me in the day to day of being technology manager. 

Have you always worked in tech?

I worked in the oil and gas industry predicting data and forecasting future production before. I have also worked in the automotive industry as a business analyst and business development manager in Bangladesh. I mostly worked with marketing teams to plan ahead and strengthen relationships with European markets and manufacturers of vehicles. I’ve also been in charge of developing and implementing strategic plans to initiate B2B models.

What would you say has helped in transition and pivot successfully in your roles?

I would say my ease of adaptability has really helped me and keeping up with whatever is happening in the market in that field. Doing my own research has been crucial. Self- learning by way of podcasts has also been beneficial to my development.

What motivated you to join Road Aider? 

Bangladesh is not a huge country; a fraction of the size of Canada. We have many roadside service companies. For example, we have emergency services for when you need services at home and, if you go on the highway and something happens, there's always someone to help. You are not going to be completely stranded over there, which is very common here. When I bought my first car here in Canada, I tried to search for a service or company that protects drivers on the road and I couldn't find a suitable one. I met Temi (CEO & founder) one day, and I won’t go into all of that story, but in that meeting, I heard all about Road Aider. I downloaded the app and created the account. I was excited, not only about the services but also all the plans for the future of Road Aider. Pricing and the delays in dispatch in roadside assistance are a problem in Canada that Road Aider is solving. A problem that’s never been solved before. Yeah, we have competitors; there are similar companies but they are not where we, at Road Aider are and where we can take our company!

Our tagline at Roadside Conversations is ‘Sharing what drives us and our community’. What drives you?

I have a background in engineering, so my responsibility is to make life better for people in society. I’m driven by what we do at Road Aider, which is to make a positive impact on people's lives. We create a win-win situation for everyone, and that totally drives me!

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