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Calgary's Roadside Realities: Why a Roadside Assistance Plan is Necessary in Calgary

woman standing in front of broken down car

The importance of reliable roadside assistance plans cannot be overstated when living in a city like Calgary. With factors such as heavy snowfall, sudden changes in the weather along with other unpredictabilities, it is crucial that you have access to trusted services in case of any roadside emergency.

Calgary is notorious for its constant fluctuations in weather and prolonged Winter season. Winter brings cold weather and icy road conditions for up to four months, which not only elevates the chances of vehicle breakdowns, but wait times for roadside services as well.

Calgarians commonly embark on extended journeys out of the city to neighbouring provinces. Being considerably removed from home makes access to auto services an invaluable asset, as without it you could be unaware of the nearest service providers location in the chances of any car-related issues.

Being part of a roadside assistance plan also offers a significant amount of cost savings when compared to paying for emergency services individually. Without roadside assistance coverage, the cost of towing in Calgary can go up to $500 depending on the season, while seasonal tire swaps are $200. Enrolling in a auto service plan gives you access to the same solutions at a reduced cost, along with a variety of other benefits

In a city as dynamic as Calgary, roadside assistance becomes more of a necessity rather than a convenience. Road Aider has recently incorporated exclusive membership plans to ensure drivers are prepared for any vehicle inconvenience throughout the year. Members have access to detailing, towing, tire changes, and multiple other prompt services, along with a host of other advantages and exclusive member discounts. To learn more about Road Aiders unique auto care plans, contact

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