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Employers Continue to Overlook This Crucial Employee Benefit

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During the pandemic, workplaces were forced to transition to remote work environments with the arrangement sticking for a prolonged period of time. With public restrictions later being lifted though, the number of employees commuting to work has quickly risen.

According to Statistics Canada, the number of people commuting to work today is greater than pre-pandemic 2016 levels, with the number growing to 15.9 million in May 2023. Of these commuters, 82.6% use a car, truck or van to get to work.

With such a high number of employees now choosing to drive to work, implementing roadside assistance in your benefit package is more important than ever for numerous reasons.

  • Readiness for Emergencies: Vehicle disruptions can happen to anyone. Whether it be a breakdown or a flat tire, equipping your employees with roadside assistance ensures they are never left stranded without help. A report by AAA stated that the average driver experiences a breakdown once every three years The frequency increases with the vehicle's age, along with other factors such as the severity of winter in Alberta.

  • Reduced Stress: With employees driving to work and back, having roadside assistance is an extremely valuable safety net. Knowing that they have support in case of any vehicle emergency helps to reduce their stress levels before and after work. 

  • Increased Productivity: Not only does being stranded on the road increase stress levels, it also results in late arrivals. In the winter of 2022, City News reported a wait time of 72 hours for roadside assistance. Equipping employees with roadside assistance allows them to avoid these wait times and get to work on time.

Incorporating roadside assistance in your benefit packages is a strategic move which offers various advantages. If you are curious about how this perk can elevate your workplace further, contact us at

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