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The Mistake Small Business Owners Make When Growing Their Enterprise

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With recruitment being a major challenge for all businesses, employee benefits have proven to be an excellent method in attracting new talent and retaining employees. However, with the limited budget available for small to medium sized businesses, benefit packages are often ignored or brushed aside. 

It is important to realize that it is never too early to start implementing benefit packages in the organization you are looking to grow, and with the right strategy, benefits do not have to be as difficult as you think.

If you have a limited amount of spending available for benefits, it is crucial to constantly communicate with your current employees to see what their current needs are, and what would specifically help them outside of the workplace. 

Providing tailored perks for your employees often leads to the use of non-traditional employee benefits. These are unique perks which differ from traditional benefits, helping to differentiate yourself from competitors and increase employee productivity and satisfaction. 

Unique benefits include:

  • Mental health days

  • Flexible working arrangements

  • Roadside assistance plans 

Unique benefits not only cater to your current workforce, they also stand out to the broad number of prospective employees seeking additional benefits. A survey conducted by Harris Poll saw that while the majority of Canadian employees have a preference for non-traditional perks, many workplaces are yet to implement perks that are deemed unique. 

To make matters worse, a whopping  62% of employers stated they had no plans of changing their benefit packages this year.

An example of the perfect benefit to include in your package would be Road Aiders premium memberships. Auto services such as tire swaps, towing, and roadside assistance calls ensure your employees are ready to face any car related inconveniences in the Winter, while also being able to save money with various discounts at our partner companies.

To learn more about how Road Aider can assist with your benefit package, contact

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