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The Secret to Avoiding Turnover Costs and Increasing Employee Retention.

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With employee turnover continuing to rise in Canada, companies find themselves forced to allocate substantial sums of their payroll on employee replacement.

According to Psychometrics Canada, replacing a mid-level employee can cost up to 20% of their annual salary, while a high-level employee with specialized training can cost up to 213% of their salary. Consequently, a high rate of employee turnover is detrimental to companies of any size.

When seeking to fill a vacant position, employers will have to invest time in advertising the role, conducting interviews with multiple candidates, and providing training to the selected individual.

While the direct costs of employee turnover are noticeably high, there are indirect costs which can be damaging to any organization as well.

These indirect costs include:

  • Decrease in Productivity: When an employee makes the decision to leave, their productivity will likely decline until their departure. Once a replacement is found for the position, it will take some time for them to become fully accustomed to the role. 

  • Morale Dip: If your employee turnover rate becomes noticeably high, it can have a direct impact on your team's energy and morale. Employees may feel pressure to stay in their position or opt to leave as they perceive your company as a sinking ship.

One effective method to enhance employee retention in your organization is by offering unique benefits that are relevant to your employees’ lives. 

A survey conducted by MetLife found that nearly 7 out of 10 employees believed a wider range of benefits would increase their workplace loyalty considerably.

Road Aider now provides the perfect set of unique benefits to enhance employee satisfaction. Employees are provided with various auto-related benefits which are relevant to their personal needs, such as detailing and seasonal tire swap services.

Furthermore, employees also experience a reduction in stress thanks to our roadside assistance service, covering any emergency including breakdowns, key lockouts, and battery boosts.

Beyond the road-related perks, employees will also be able to take advantage of exclusive discounts at our various partner companies, which can even be shared with family members.

To learn more about how we can increase employee retention in your company with our benefits, reach out to us at +1 587-318-0013 or

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