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Welcome to Roadside Conversations

Welcome to Roadside Conversations! 

There are currently over 3,000 startups in Canada. All of them offer innovative solutions to both new and age-old problems, and all are striving to position themselves to offer the best value and hopefully bring forth ideas that make a difference. No two startups are alike, journeys are different, and we here at Road Aider are grateful for the opportunity to share ours with you. 

Roadside Conversations is the monthly newsletter series where we interview and hear the stories from the people that make up Road Aider. In the January issue you'll meet Temi Okesanya, Founder and CEO at Road Aider and hear how a petroleum engineer comes up with the idea of a history-making platform. The February issue will feature our VP of Operations, Sean Wain and some of the ideas that drive Road Aider's ethos.

The goal for this series is to share who we are, not just as a company but as people. To share what drives us, and in so doing, inspire and learn more about what drives the people we serve.

You can look forward to stories from a diverse team of creatives, women in tech and change makers in successive issues; sound bites that give glimpses of real life at a tech startup and into the difference one Canadian startup can make in places as far away as South and East Africa.

It is our privilege to share our journey with you. We hope you'll stay.



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